Senior Chaplain Jonathan Grigsby


I’m new to the IKR website, where should I start?
A great way to start is at the “About Us” section where you will information about what Koinonia is, our vision, and our team. You may also want to check out the “Discussion” section as free educational videos will be updated weekly.


What services does the Institute of Koinonia Relationships provide?
We provide the following services: Dating and courtship education and training, Pre-marital education and training, divorce preparation and transition. We are licensed Chaplains available to perform wedding ceremonies as well.


What is the Koinonia Prenuptial Agreement System?
The KPA system is a process/system that documents and contractually puts one’s love on display for his/her spouse. This is developed through intense education and training (performed by certified, licensed Chaplains), whereas you will understand your needs for marriage and how to execute the needs of your spouse.


What is “social intercourse”?
Social intercourse is a psychological and sociological exchange between two heterosexual people that focuses on his or her emotions, desires, hopes, dreams, abilities and hurts in efforts to develop an established bond of trust and love for a future marriage.


What is courtship?
Courtship is the pre-cursor of the engagement whereby the man is intensely and purposefully pursuing the young lady in social activities, along with necessary dialogue, with the intent of establishing the relationship in a future marriage.


What is a betrothal?
A betrothal is customarily a Jewish tradition of a man and woman, privately coming together in marriage through a written contractual agreement before the actual commencement of a public ceremony.


Are there any books or other learning materials that Senior Chaplain Grigsby recommends?
Here are a few books Sr Chap recommends:

Love Leadership (The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World) by John Bryant Hope

The Art of Empathy by Karla McLaren


Can Senior Chaplain Grigsby recommend a counselor, psychologist, or clergy member (i.e Pastor, Chaplain) in my area?

Yes, we have a referral system established across the United States with several experienced clergy members, psychologist, and counsellors. Senior Chap recommends a professional who looks holistically and individually at you. He recommends someone who is very compassionate and empathetic, will hold you accountable in love, and truly cares about your overall well-being. Please email us your contact information through the “Contact Us” section of the website.

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