Senior Chaplain Jonathan Grigsby


Our vision is simply stated: To destroy the spirit of divorce, one mind at a time. We educate and train people on how to establish their personal and social Koinonia. The core purpose of marriage is to reflect God’s love through We educate through using the word of God biblically as designed holistically from each of the 7 core perspectives (Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Psychological, Social, Policies and Procedures. and Economical).


Why is Koinonia Important?

For Singles
We educate you on how to find, create, and make love from a social intercourse perspective. By creating a structure for communication you are able to identify what you truly desire from your significant other. Basically, we help you define what your love is, so you can effectively enter a courtship.

Example: Establish “your” definition of affection and the kind you must have in your marriage relationship. (Don’t just talk about it, write it down.)

Example: Establish your sexual expectation and sexual requirements that you must have to warranty your commitment to your spouse in the marriage relationship. (Don’t just talk about it, write it down.)

Key Point: In order to avoid irreconcilable differences, which causes divorce, you must establish your differences (of opinion, lifestyle, culture, views, etc.) before you decide to betroth(engage).


For Engaged Couples
Establish a “true” and “logical” prerequisite for engagement by providing an accurate and productive use of a betrothal using the art of Koinonia. This is another style of a prenuptial agreement based on success for the institution of marriage.

We ensure each person knows that their potential life partenr has clear understanding of their Koinonia Prenuptial Covenant Agreement and are willing to meet the core needs of the individual, thereby securring success and external happiness in the marriage.

A person will ultimately complete the Koinonia Prenuptial Covenant Agreement while in courtship and once completed will qualify a man to propose a betrothal to his significant another. The Institute of Koinonia Relationships will provide the appropriate information to consequently alleviate all fears of engagement or marriage (the nuptial).


For Divorcées/Divorcés
We ensure previously divorced individuals that there is hope for them to successfully date and one day re-marry. We give individuals revelation on their potential life partner and help them to determine whether or not this is the person they are willing to be with forever and if they are truly loved by the individual.

We provide couples who find it absolutely necessary to divorce the counsel and training to transition out of the marriage successfully with the objective of educating each person on how to properly transition without experiencing extreme social drawbacks from the process.

We educate and train one on how to establish one’s institution of marriage, which consists of each individual’s behavior patterns, cultures, customs, policies and procedures. Ultimately, we teach how to properly transition from the trauma of a divorce into your next life, full of happiness and success.