Senior Chaplain Jonathan Grigsby

A Chaplain is a minister in the workplace. A Chaplain’s goal is to meet the needs of the people, while being a center of resource where required for any situation. The United States Government recognizes the office of a Chaplain as a relevant and vital part of its representation of the people from a spiritual perspective. At times, this form of ministry has proven to be the only religious intervention allowed by law to function under the covering of church and state.

All Chaplains with IKR are certified, licensed, and ordained. The Institute of Koinonia Relationships receives all of its training and licensure for Chaplaincy from the International Fellowship of Chaplains, Inc. We have educated and trained many singles and divorcees across numerous companies, churches, and community outreaches. We also have provided education and training to law enforcement, specifically police departments.

We educate singles, divorcees, and divorcees for effective dating, courtship, and proper transition for an engagement and marriage. We ensure previously divorced individuals that there is hope for them to successfully date and one day re-marry. We also provide couples who find it absolutely necessary to divorce the counsel and training to transition out of the marriage successfully with the objective of educating each person on how to properly transition without experiencing extreme social drawbacks from the process.

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