Senior Chaplain Jonathan Grigsby



From Chris,

Statistics say that once you go through a divorce, you are twice as likely to go through it again because you not only are bringing your personal issues to the table, you are also bringing the additional issues that were brought forth from your previous marriage.  But I praise God that through his Holy Spirit, and working through Sr. Chaplain Grigsby, he properly transitioned me through my divorce and prepared me for my true wife.  He has shown my wife and myself how to properly come into agreement on any issue that may arise (and they will arise) in our marriage by way of our betrothal. It is also through our betrothal that we have created and cultivated a deep love for one another by operating through the actions of what the other feels love is.  Much of society today feels that the sanctity of marriage is a dying idea, and I understand why many feel this way.  Think about this.  Teachers, athletes, engineers, entertainers etc. are all professions in which one has to be trained in order to be successful.  Would you want your child being taught by someone that hasn’t been trained? Of course not.  Why should marriage be any different? Why marry someone if they haven’t been properly trained on how to be a husband/wife? Just as the untrained teacher will fail, so will an untrained marriage.  I could go on and on about what I’ve learned from Sr. Chaplain Grigsby and what he has meant to my life and my marriage, but the one most important thing that I would like for anyone reading this to take with them is this…………..I love my wife and she loves me, and the great thing about it is I am loved by MY DEFINITION and so is she.  Because we all know that what makes a man feel loved is often times different from what makes a woman feel loved.  Fellas, y’all know what I’m talking about! Lol!!


From Miriam,

I want to express my gratitude to the HolyGhost for allowing his spirit to flow through Sr. Chaplain Jonathan Grigsby and Melinda Grigsby as a vessel for Koinonia training. Prior to the marriage, I entered into the courtship with very little knowledge of the “Word” or the power in the presence of the HolyGhost. However, my spiritual father and mother, trained me how to love by way of Koinonia, the ultimate fellowship. Upon extensive weekly training, for over a year, I was taught how to love my husband by his definition and how to not negotiate mine. After the completion of our betrothal and a ” high five” that graduation was upon us, I was reborn a “crown” to my husband and vowed to always love and protect him. This was indeed, one of the most empowering, life changing experiences of my life. Sr Chaplain Grigsby and Melinda, I love you and I thank you with every fiber of my being.

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