Senior Chaplain Jonathan Grigsby



Teresa Testimonial

I found myself at a point in my life where if I didn’t talk to someone, the chaos in my head was only going to get worse.  Sr. Chap’s guidance and counseling calmed the noise in my head and in my heart.  Through his teachings and insight on how the brain works, I was able to reprogram the way I was thinking about the issues I was dealing with and Sr. Chap was able to help me open myself to receive true healing from God. He met me where I was and guided me out of a dark place. Sr. Chap helped me delve deep to the cause of my struggles with my relationships with men. He helped me get to a place of celebrating the wholeness of being single. Sr. Chap’s expertise and knowledge came from a much higher source than can be found in any books or readings. He also brought a component of true love and concern for me, my healing and my restoration.

– Teresa

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