Senior Chaplain Jonathan Grigsby

Is Marriage Obsolete?

According to a recent study done by the Pew Research Center 39 percent of Americans said marriage is obsolete.  I am a Chaplain who has a sincere heart to serve all people from all walks of life.  I am very concerned about the feelings of people and their thoughts on the institution of marriage being […]

Is Marriage Obsolete? Part II

In continuing my thoughts of marriage being obsolete which I agree with based on the current method  and the way of thinking that men and women are coming together in their institution.  I have been fortunate to work with a number of couples from culturally diverse backgrounds for many years and what I have seen is their inability […]

Love & How It Works for Consistency

In order for Love to be consistent between you and that special person, the word Love should be defined from a literal perspective by the both of you. In order for Love to be effective it must have a defined feelings which is an Emotion. Example, your definition of appreciation which is a feeling that needs […]

You tell me: What is love?

Sr. Chaplain Jonathan Grigsby was interviewed by Rashida Rawls for her column STRAIGHT, NO CHASER. Below is a snippet from Rashida’s article, ‘You tell me: What is Love?’ In my quest to find the true meaning of love, I’ve met and spoken to some wonderful people, including Paul and Pauline Levesque. Another wonderful person […]