Senior Chaplain Jonathan Grigsby


Dating vs. Courtship

I was watching a TV show recently and there was an engaged couple hoping to win money to pay for their wedding.  The thing that I found remarkable and somewhat saddening is that they couldn’t say when the wedding was going to be.  They also  stated that they had been dating for 15 years….15 years!! What is […]

What is an engagement?

  In order to effectively answer that question, I believe we should have knowledge of two words; betrothal & covenant. A person would find the word betrothal in biblical text and even in other religious cultures. Covenant is one of the most commonly used words in our daily communications though. A betrothal is defined as […]

Is Marriage Obsolete?

According to a recent study done by the Pew Research Center 39 percent of Americans said marriage is obsolete.  I am a Chaplain who has a sincere heart to serve all people from all walks of life.  I am very concerned about the feelings of people and their thoughts on the institution of marriage being […]

Is Marriage Obsolete? Part II

In continuing my thoughts of marriage being obsolete which I agree with based on the current method  and the way of thinking that men and women are coming together in their institution.  I have been fortunate to work with a number of couples from culturally diverse backgrounds for many years and what I have seen is their inability […]

Love & How It Works for Consistency

In order for Love to be consistent between you and that special person, the word Love should be defined from a literal perspective by the both of you. In order for Love to be effective it must have a defined feelings which is an Emotion. Example, your definition of appreciation which is a feeling that needs […]

You tell me: What is love?

Sr. Chaplain Jonathan Grigsby was interviewed by Rashida Rawls for her column STRAIGHT, NO CHASER. Below is a snippet from Rashida’s article, ‘You tell me: What is Love?’ In my quest to find the true meaning of love, I’ve met and spoken to some wonderful people, including Paul and Pauline Levesque. Another wonderful person […]

Keeping it Real. Is a prenup really necessary for a marriage ?

The 21st century has evolved into a time where couples refuse to marry without the asset protecting standards of society’s current prenuptial agreement.  Today’s prenup is established on the potential failure of the marriage and how the legal matters of asset allocation will be handled. “We leave the marriage as we came into it.” The prenup process is one where the couple […]